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A 100 word ghost story written for NYC Midnight Semi. (Prompts: Ghost Story, Cleaning a Desk, Type)

Deo Gratias

A historical flash fiction story based around the trial of St Oliver Plunkett. First published by Suddenly and Without Warning

Could Kill for a Chocolate Bar

3rd place in group 192 in Round 1 of the NYCMidnight Competition. Also published in Murder on her Mind anthology from Wicked Shadow Press

The Girl with the Golden Hair

Honourable Mention on the NYC Midnight inaugural rhyming story competition. Genre: Romance Theme: Weather Emotion: Nauseated

Eleven Eleven

A horror story about a demonic presence named Eleven

I Am Not A Liar

A man tries to convince us that he is not a liar

Mulligan’s Clock

An interior monologue of a grumpy clock custodian

The Accuser

Judgement Day for John Gracey - how will he be found?

Love Thy Neighbour

Two elderly ladies are at war whilst Fr John tries to urge forgiveness


The city is changing. An old mans home is being torn down. A life spent in 4B

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