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Army Soldiers At Parade

Cardboard Cut Outs of Men

I stand on the battlefield,

Ready to face the onslaught of bullet. 

My comrades in arms along side me. 

In this battle together. 

But I look to my side in horror,

They’re nothing more than cardboard

Cut-outs of Men. 

I’m alone on this field. Alone to die. 

One by one they fall. 

Unable to stand the northernly breeze. 

Its chill sickens me with despair. 

I am alone. 

They make no sound as the fall. 

Nestling into the cold muddy soil. 

Their edges warp and disfigure. 

They’re unrecognisable now. 

I stand alone on this battlefield. 

Ready to face the onslaught of bullet. 

But the northernly wind drives me back. 

I’m alone and ready to fall.  

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